BDO High Street Sales Tracker

Like-for-like sales figures for the week ending Sunday, May 23, 2010

Non-Fashion -2.2% down
Fashion +5.8% up
Homewares +7.2% up
Non-store +42.3% up


n In the non-fashion segment, leisure, gifting, health and beauty were noticeably down due to the fine weather negatively impacting stores with a focus on indoor goods


The popularity of summer ranges helped fashion takings advance. Footwear was up in particular, with womenswear not far behind


Homewares sales remained elevated, with solid gains in most categories. Furniture and textiles performed strongly and smaller-ticket items also sold well

Non-store (mail order, online)

Sales made via non-store channels continued to grow strongly, due to high demand caused by ever-increasing availability online


Data and commentary supplied by Don Williams, head of retail at BDO. To join or find out more about the index, please contact