BDO High Street Sales Tracker

Like-for-like sales figures for the week ending Sunday, May 9, 2010

Non-Fashion +3.8% up
Fashion +2.6% up
Homewares +10.0% up
Non-store +54.8% up


Non-fashion retailers enjoyed their best week since Easter. Luxury was the standout performance with double-digit growth reported by many stores. Health and beauty also performed robustly.


Fashion put in another positive week, with higher-end brands generally performing well. In contrast, trade across mainstream brands was slower and more promotion driven.


The positive sales momentum of recent weeks continued due to demand for DIY items. However, big ticket purchases were weak, in spite of positive results arising from promotions.

Non-store (mail order, online)

Non-store sales grew at their fastest rate since the first week of the year, with clothing sales especially successful.


Data and commentary supplied by Don Williams, head of retail at BDO. To join or find out more about the index, please contact