BDO High Street Sales Tracker

Like-for-like sales figures for the week ending Sunday, April 11, 2010

Non-Fashion -9.6% down
Fashion -2.4% down
Homewares +4.9% up
Non-store +63% up

  • Non-fashion?sales turned negative across the board, with the Easter timing difference accounting for most of this drop. Gifting sales witnessed the steepest decline

  • Fashion reported its first set of negative results since January. Trade was adversely affected by the strong comparisons from last year. However, the weather still helped a number of stores post higher sales

  • Homewares retailers enjoyed
    a fourth consecutive week of positive results, albeit flattered by weak comparisons

  • Sales made through non-store channels soared, with fashion-related sales exceptionally buoyant


Data and commentary supplied by Don Williams, head of retail at BDO. To join or find out more about the index, please contact