Global leaders in LED technology

Rare Basic’s partnership with AVR is proving hugely successful. Global leaders in LED technology, AVR have created ‘white’ high-powered lamps specifically for retailers.

Independently tested, the UK-manufactured lamps prove to be 40% more effective and efficient than those of competitors.

Saving 70% to 80% energy, and with almost a six-year, 24/7 maintenance-free lamp life and three-year warranty, the advantages of these lights include a whiter, brighter ‘true light’ daylight-offset function to create a cool working environment.

Light savers

  • 70% The amount of energy Topshop Oxford Circus saves after reducing the lighting in each window from 3,080 watts to 780 watts
  • 75% How much Gap has cut energy in its Oxford Circus store across its four-window frontage