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Waitrose Continues to Evolve its Customer Experience with InMoment.

To discover how Waitrose has taken customer satisfaction to a new level with InMoment click here.

Samuel Gee predicts how Amazon\'s acquisition of Twitch will shape the gaming market

Comment: How will Amazon's acquisition of Twitch shape the gaming market?

For specialist game retailers Amazon’s purchase of Twitch simply reinforces the extent to which gaming as a pastime has shifted towards the digital.

Samsung CenterStage endless aisle technology

Comment: The possibilities of digital aisles are endless for retailers

Floor space may be one of the most limiting factors for retailers, but innovation is promising to revolutionise the in-store experience.

Amazon has launched a card reader

Comment: Amazon's commercial conflict could hinder its payments play

Despite hefty investment by some retailers, near field communication (NFC) – what some thought would become the payment norm – has not taken off.

The UK retail industry has a track record of launching successful pure-play businesses such as Asos and

Comment: UK ecommerce must constantly innovate to keep up with shoppers

The UK has been a pioneer in digital retail since the early days, but retailers must continue adapting to the demands of the consumer to survive.


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