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Retail Week Customer Insight - May 2014

Digital edition: Retail Week Customer Insight - May 2014

Read the Retail Week Customer Insight supplement as a fully digital edition.

Office has apologised to customers after revealing its website has been the subject of a security breach.

Office apologises after website security breach

Shoe retailer Office has apologised to customers after revealing its website has suffered a security breach.

Morrisons has successfully used mobile phone location data to encourage new shoppers into its stores

Morrisons employee arrested as part of investigation into payroll data leak

A Morrisons employee has been arrested in the wake of a major breach of staff payroll data at the retailer.

Payroll data has been stolen from Morrisons

Morrisons payroll data stolen and published online

Data from Morrisons’ staff payroll system has been stolen, published on the internet and sent on a disk to a newspaper. 

Target chief information officer resigns

Target chief information officer resigns

The chief information officer of US retailer Target has resigned following a huge security breach last year.

Rakuten opens first European research and development centre in Paris

Rakuten has opened its first European research and development centre in Paris to add to its research facilities in Tokyo and New York.

Making data secure is getting harder

Analysis: Are retailers facing a new breed of cyber attack?

Hot on the heels of US retailer Target suffering a huge data breach in December, it has merged that more than 2,000 Tesco customers’ email addresses and passwords were posted online yesterday after data stolen from other sites was compiled by hackers.

Target was the victim of a security breach in December

Analysis: 11 cyber-crime lessons from the Target security breach

Cyber-crime is big news at the moment - barely a day goes by without news of another huge security breach - and the Target hack in December was one of the biggest.

Morrisons suffered a data breach last week

Comment: The legal implications of the Morrisons data theft

Morrisons’ statement following its serious data breach incident - reported as a theft - of payroll data suggested the theft was the work of an insider, rather than an external breach.

Morrisons has suffered a data theft

Comment: Morrisons data theft – retailers urgently need to act on security

When Edward Snowden stole information from the National Security Agency, it came as a wake-up call to those whose business relies on the collection, storage and use of data


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