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Facebook is trialling a \'buy\' button

Comment: Facebook's 'Buy' button and what it means for retail

By Matthew Knight

Facebook’s recent introduction of a ‘buy’ button, allowing users to buy advertised products without leaving the social network, is another step towards monetization of social networks.

Coca Cola used drones to deliver drinks and messages from the people of Singapore to migrant construction workers

Video: What Coca Cola's drones can teach retailers about digital marketing Video

By Matt Pye

In the era of the agile consumer, peoples’ lives have been transformed by technology. We think in the now, are open to novelty and innovation and will act quickly if bored, frustrated or enticed.

Moss Bros featured in the Undercover Boss TV show

Comment: retailers must disband their sales prevention departments - now

By Ajaz Ahmed

I recently watched a US episode of TV’s Undercover Boss and in it a boss of a large car manufacture was shocked by what he found.

Carrefour has been on a buying spree

Carrefour benefits from its pan-European trolley dash

By Gildas Aitamer

Carrefour boss Georges Plassat has filled the grocer’s coffers over the past two years thanks to a rationalisation of its international assets, allied with improved performance in a number of markets.

A new code is designed to make supplier-supermarket negotiations fairer

Comment: Digital wallets can turn high street challenges into opportunity

By Neil Garner

As one in five high street shops potentially face closure by 2018, could digital wallets prove to be the tonic town centres need?

Tesco has made some progress under departing chief executive Philip Clarke

Comment: Tesco's new boss inherits a grocer bereft of identity

By Bryan Roberts

Phil Clarke’s departure from Tesco, while perhaps no great surprise, suggests that the retailer is further in the mire than we might have realised.

Carrefour has shown that hypermakets can be turned around

Comment: Could Tesco learn turnaround lessons from Carrefour?

By Professor Chris Edger

As observers of the retail industry and Tesco - one of the great retail success stories of UK Plc in recent times – what are we to make of today’s CEO change?


Comment: Kiddicare's edge-of-town stores should be substituted for a laptop


Big edge-of-town retailers’ have been under pressure for some time, but can they be attractive?

Will Sports Direct be a success Down Under?

Blog: Will Sports Direct work Down Under?


Sports Direct is the latest retailer to venture Down Under with an online tie-up with Australian etailer MySale and a smattering of stores in Oz and New Zealand in the offing.

Online reviews are increasingly relevant

Blog: Customer surveys in the social media age

By Gary Topiol

We’ve come a long way since lengthy customer feedback paper surveys were introduced, and technological developments have transformed retailer and consumer communications.


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